Monday, September 29, 2014

Achieving Empathic Sociability

In current events, some of the most shocking topics in the world consist of violence, inequality issues... simply put, problems that stemmed from an utter lack of empathy. The current ISIS threats display the Islamic States' (Iraq and Syria) violent, uncaring attitude towards the world as a whole, not just America and the countries of Iraq and Syria themselves. Our country's attitude isn't much better; most of us see the best solution as simply bombing the whole of the Islamic state, while we dismiss any sympathetic (and empathetic) feelings for the innocent bystanders who have nothing to do with conspiring against the world. Another issue I want to bring up is the Mike Brown shooting in Ferguson... the unjustified shooting itself and the police department's attempts to quell the riots are examples of 1) not bothering to put yourself in someone else's shoes in a controversial situation and 2) racism and intolerance; the police have that "Us versus Them" mentality that we as humans do in fact develop in our modern society. In my opinion, I don't believe we will achieve harmonious empathy, yet I do recognize that we have the capability of empathizing with one another during times of danger or tragedy (as with ISIS and Ferguson).

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  1. Both examples you used were super relevant. I am glad you brought up the "Us vs Them" mentality; I would've liked to have seen you link it to Rifkin's mention of "the alien other" and other Rifkin concepts.