Monday, September 29, 2014

Passion Project Progress

Last Friday and the Friday before, I considered myself to have made a pretty good start to my Passion Project. Currently I'm working on BOTH of my ideas, because I really can't decide which one I think is better! Both are so helpful and relatable, but when the time for presentations comes up, I will choose whichever one I have the most material for. For the leadership project, I began categorizing different types of leadership styles, and I made a chart of captains and club officers I have known so that I can evaluate their effectiveness. This Friday I want to actually start evaluating those leaders, or otherwise predict how effective I might be as a captain. For my procrastination project, I simply documented interesting instances of procrastination with famous individuals (Matt Groening's story of how the Simpson's actually came to be was very funny!). Next Friday (or rather, over the course of this week), I want to start documenting my work ethic and time management. Overall, I want to continue working effectively like this so that I can make my final project decision early (or make time for some third, brilliant idea, in case that happens).

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