Friday, February 20, 2015

Roger Ebert

Last week I learned a lot more about Roger Ebert than I would have known. I love this unit because I can tell I'm going to learn a lot about inspirational, important people that I otherwise wouldn't have taken the time to research. Roger Ebert is truly an inspiration because he's proven that no matter how bad things get, there can be a silver lining. I love that he realized that even though he lost his ability to speak, he didn't lose his voice, and that he could write more than ever. "There is no need to pity me" was my favorite quote; he's basically getting other people to realize that he's exactly the opposite of miserable.

I feel like the main reason that Ebert was able to transcend his illness was because he was because he was able to see the ray of light. He didn't let his illness define him, and didn't want others to do the same. I think people who completely break in devastating situations see no hope anywhere else; they focus on nothing but the devastation, and don't realize what else is going for them. It was Roger Ebert's passion for life and writing that got him through it all, and that's a wonderful thing that I took away from knowing his story. <3

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